Welcome! QuickNote is a simple but powerful note taking app. Use it for anything. This page will give you an idea of everything it can do.

This page is a QuickNote! Cool!


To create a new Note, just visit quicknote.io. Each Note comes with its own unique ID. If you look in your address bar, you'll see that this Note's ID is Xo. It'll stay that way for its entire lifespan.

As you type your text is parsed using Github-flavored Markdown and rendered in the preview pane. You can still use QuickNote if you don't know Markdown, but it's so easy to learn and will make your life infinitely better. By default the text edit pane is on the left, overflowing text will wrap to a new line, and the preview pane is on the right. If you click the little cog in the bottom left you can use the settings to toggle a horizontal layout and disable word wrapping. Your settings are saved via your browser's storage.

Your changes are constantly being saved as you type, so don't worry about losing your work. If you're really concerned, CMD + S will manually save your work.

Go ahead and visit this Note's edit page. Keep in mind that this Note in particular is locked, so while you can make changes to see the result, they won't be saved.


By default creating a new Note will land you on the Edit page, but if you're writing something to share with someone else there won't be any need for them to edit it as well. You can go back and forth between the View and Edit pages by adding or removing the ~ from the URL.

Pro tip: Use CMD + Enter to toggle between View and Edit pages.

QuickNote does not maintain a publicly accessible list of Notes, so you can only access a Note if you have the URL. However it's important to keep in mind that a Note's URL cannot be changed (unless you create a new one and dump the old one), it cannot be set to 'private', and anyone can edit it.

Tips and tricks

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Licenses and acknowledgements

QuickNote is made by @jodyheavener. He hopes you love it.

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